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about katie


Nestled in the foothills of the Chilterns, you will find the former studio of script writer John Junkin and the gardens of the little vintage.

The studio is where all of my floral designs are created and dried. My half acre garden which looks out onto the rolling hills, provide the luxury home grown flowers that make it into my wreaths and bouquets.


Each design is completely unique, making them a very special, sought after home décor item.My signature designs are created in small batches as quality is much more important to me than quantity.

I not only sell my work and collections but also provide many bespoke floristry services.

The drying techniques I have perfected include old fashioned and modern day methods, to insure longevity of the flowers and the best results.
These include air drying, pressing and forced moisture absorption processes.

If you are after a special dried floral arrangement please contact me directly to discuss your requirements.
I hope you love my items as much as I love creating them.    


 Katie x      

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