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Preserving Flowers

 I believe something truly enchanting happens when flowers are dried. Their beauty is magnified and they become even more intricate and fascinating.
Turning something that should only remain beautiful for such a short period of time, into something that can be enjoyed for significantly longer, is something very magical indeed.
I use various different methods to dry flowers depending on the variety. 


Air Drying

This method involves natural and temperature controlled techniques to preserve your flowers.

Typically flowers take between two, to three weeks, to fully dry and can be re-arranged into a bouquet, wreath, posie or framed item.

Forced Drying

This process speeds up drying and leaves flowers looking almost fresh. The preserved flowers are more delicate than air dried and work best with box framed floral designs.



Pressing methods works best with flowers that have fine petal structures (that would usually lose there petals through other drying processes). This old fashioned floral preservation, involves flattening and excluding light and moisture from the flower. Flowers can be arranged in many different designs and sent back to you mounted or mounted and framed.

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