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Its been a while.

Goodness where has a year gone? and what a year its been!

I'm currently staying in a little holiday cottage, in Looe, Cornwall. Its raining heavily outside but I'm laid on a four poster bed watching the fire and listening to some Christmas Jazz.It all very relaxing!

I'm busy getting the web shop ready for some new festive designs but also getting some much needed admin sorted!

I always find Christmas creeps up on me sooner than I would like and opportunities like this I love to use the slow hours of the day to get productive.

This year the glass decorations have returned in luxurious plum ribbons.

Theres still a few bundles of ivory dadels left, waiting to be made into festive wreaths.

Dried lemon, oranges and cinnamon have been strung to make some heavenly scented garlands.

Then of course Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without some gold! some really gorgeous coloured florals making there way to the website next week.

Merry Christmas Everyone x

Ivory Dadel Wreath (pictured below):

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