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The timeless collection

'Timeless'-Lasting, Classic, Ageless, Without End.

In July 2019 I released my 4th collection of designs 'The Timeless Collection'.

In this collection my air drying methods were put to one side and I have used another traditional method to capture dried flowers at their very best.This method retains their colour and shape, giving the appearance of fresh.Yet they are 100% dried.

There really are no limits to what type of flowers can be dried.But I like to use classic old fashioned favourites in my designs and I concentrate on neutral colour palettes that work well in any interior.

In this collection I have used my favourite flowers of the season, Peonies,Hydrangeas,Roses and many other summer blooms from my garden.These are the stunning focal points of my wreaths so I like to work with flowers that have unique textures, shape and colour.

As well as my larger designs, I have produced some miniature wreaths which are only around 6"these have been extemely popular and come in a stunning flower bag.

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