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Back in May I was given the wonderful opportunity of having my home photographed by Interiors Photorapher Fiona Walker-Arnott.

Fiona is renowned for her beautiful images which have been published in many acclaimed magazines and newspapers.

I was excited to spend the day with her shooting my home in Buckinghamshire.

The house had never been so spotless and we had a day spent doing what I love, staging and faffing whilst enjoy endless cups of tea! whilst trying to get everyhing just perfect for each shot. The light was ever changing which made things a little more challenging but nothing Fiona couldn't handle!

Fiona spent the morning shooting the two main rooms on the ground floor, the Kitchen Diner and the Lounge. Leaving the afternoon to photograph upstairs, the Master bedroom, the two spare rooms and the main bathroom.

Not long after the shoot I got the fantastic news that a magazine voted 'International Magazine of the Year' wanted to publish the photos and here my story on how I transformed my country cottage when I bought it back in 2014.

I was absolutely delighted to know that my home was special enough to be picked!

I look forward to sharing more with you very soon!

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